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Older Projects

A collection of older projects I've been a part of, and descriptions of what my responsibilities were during those projects.

Rick irvine copy of bildanalys koitzsch irvine lundqvist rickfix

Good vs Evil (Toolbag) - A collaborative scene between me and 2 other artists. My responsibilities for this work was modeling and texturing the red robot (the evil one), aswell as working with post production of the render.

The Pit - Unity Game Project. My responsibilities during this project were game play design, modeling and texturing of environment props, aswell as working with some visual effects.

Download for free from:

Rick irvine screenshot1 thepit
Rick irvine screenshot3 thepit

A fun little "making of" video that we made about "The Pit"

Rick irvine copy of livingroom

Apartment Render (Maxwell Render) - A freelance arch viz Job I did with another 3D artist. During this project i worked with the lighting of the scenes, rendering pipeline aswell as modeling and texturing of assets.

Rick irvine copy of bedroomverywide
Rick irvine copy of bathrromfarnightfixed
Rick irvine copy of bathroom1fixed